I am a mathematical biologist at the Rabadan Lab at Columbia University Medical Center. I received my PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University with Martin Nowak, in the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. I also collaborate with the Siliciano Lab at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

I am interested in theoretical biology and its applications to medical research. I use a mix of mathematical models and computational techniques to study a variety of biological systems. Specifically, I work on:
  • Dynamics of the HIV latent reservoir, emergence of drug resistance during treatment, and other aspects of viral evolution
  • Detecting patterns of horizontal evolution (recombination, reassortment) in viral and human populations
  • Epidemiology and the spread of health behaviors by imitation
  • Evolution of mutation rates ("second-order selection"), including how "rock-paper-scissors" competition can lead to hypermutation
You can reach me at dan...@gmail.com.

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